Issues and Challenges


The Shrinking Gas Tax

The Texas motor fuels tax on gasoline has been 20 cents a gallon since 1991 and it buys a whole lot less pavement and bridge repair today than it did 25 years ago.

Population Growth Means More Congestion

There have been big changes in Texas in the past 20 years - an average of 400,000 new people a year, shifts in employment and changes in where people live and work. Texas will keep growing, congestion will get worse and businesses that depend on highways for deliveries will be less efficient.

Old Roads Need More Maintenance

Texas roads and bridges are aging -- many are past their design life. Thousands of miles of roads require costly projects to restore and maintain a safe traveling surface. Projected maintenance funding falls short of projected needs over the coming years.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

The cost of doing nothing about funding Texas highways adequately is very high for every Texan. Detailed analysis by A&M's Texas Transportation Institute concluded that traffic congestion costs the average metro area household about $1,500 a year. And there are many more cost of Doing Nothing.