More Information Now Available on Improving

Highway Infrastructure Investment in Texas


July 18, 2014


Organizations associated with the Transportation Advocates of Texas are working to inform Texas voters about the growing need to improve infrastructure investment in Texas.

They are working with local community leaders and elected officials to explain the growing urgency of additional funding for highway maintenance and upgrades. Speakers are appearing at community meetings and transportation advocates are meeting with newspaper reporters and editors.  Websites and social media are also being used to engage members of the public as they begin to consider Prop 1 on the November ballot.  Readers are encouraged to join in the conversation on infrastructure investment.


You can link to those sites here.
Texas Infrastructure Now
Texas Future
Move Texas Forward


Efforts are focusing in on encouraging voters to make a decision to turn out and support Prop 1 as a way to provide part of the state’s highway funding shortfall.

Bipartisan leadership is being provided by members of the Legislature including Sen. John Whitmire, Sen. Robert Nichols, Rep. Larry Phillips and Rep. Joe Pickett.  They are joined by dozens of members of the House and Senate in supporting Prop 1.

Sen. Nichols was the original author of the Prop 1 plan.  “Proposition 1 provides a dependable, constitutionally protected and much needed revenue source for the new construction and preservation of our highways and bridges,” he said.  “This November, Texans will have an opportunity to make an investment in our state's economic future without raising taxes or creating new debt. I support Proposition 1 as a conservative approach to funding one of our core functions of government; a safe, robust and reliable transportation system."

Maintaining a safe highway system in the face of booming population growth is a key message of the effort to provide the public with more information.


An example of the information being provided by Texas Future can be seen in this short VIDEO.


The Tarrant Region Transportation Coalition also made a video focused on the importance of mobility in the North Texas region. You can see it HERE.