Funding Shortfall on Legislative Agenda for Interim


December 20, 2011


The Texas House Transportation Committee has its assignment for the next 12 months.  They are charged with taking a hard look at transportation funding reforms and developing long-term state funding recommendations.


That is the key charge put before the committee by Texas House Speaker Joe Straus in his list of interim charges to all House committees.


The committee is also assigned to explore options to eliminate "diversions" from Fund 6 to non-transportation-related programs.  This charge also went to the Appropriations Committee.


Here are the rest of the committee's assignments:


>> Review the state of our current transportation infrastructure, including studying roadway, bridge, and waterway quality and long-range plans by the Texas Department of Transportation for maintaining these assets. Explore future needs of our infrastructure for the next decade and make recommendations to ensure long-range sufficiency.


>> Study the state's preparedness for the expansion of the Panama Canal and determine whether the state's infrastructure is ready for the increase in commerce.


>> Conduct a thorough review of the operations of transit organizations in Texas. Explore possible reforms to streamline and improve services to Texans.


>> Study the environmental review process for transportation projects and monitor the implementation of reforms newly passed by the 82nd Legislature. Continue to work with all stakeholders to develop any necessary changes. (Joint with the House Committee on Environmental Regulation)


>> Monitor the agencies and programs under the committee's jurisdiction and the implementation of relevant legislation passed by the 82nd Legislature.

“During the next year, our Members will look at ways to strengthen our state’s economy, improve our transportation infrastructure, address our water challenges, improve public and higher education, and work toward a stronger and more prosperous future for all Texans," Straus said in his letter to members.

Each committee is to submit a final report no later than December 1, 2012.