Campaign Planned to Back Funding Amendment


January 17, 2014


Four former members of the Texas Transportation Commission have come together to lead a campaign to encourage Texas voters to support the Highway Funding Constitutional Amendment that will be on the ballot in November.


They will participate in an organization called Move Texas Forward that is being formed to advocate for the passage of the ballot measure that would add more than $1.3 billion annually to road funding in Texas, without new taxes or fees.


Former TxDOT Commissioners Ned Holmes of Houston, Bill Meadows of Fort Worth, Henry Munoz III of San Antonio and Deirdre Delisi of Austin will lead the effort to inform voters about the funding gap faced by the Transportation Department.

“The passage of this constitutional amendment in November is one of the most important issues facing our state today,” said TxDOT Commission Chairman Ted Houghton of El Paso. “We are all familiar with funding challenges facing transportation. That’s why it was so important that the legislature passed the proposed constitutional amendment that if approved by the voters will dedicate new revenue to transportation.”

“Move Texas Forward is committed to improving Texas infrastructure and keeping our roads capable of supporting our prosperous state,” Ned Holmes said.

“As Texas adds more than 1,000 people each day, employers add Texas jobs, out-of-state companies expand in Texas, and the shale oil and gas boom creates new opportunities for Texas families, Texas transportation networks must keep up with our fast-growing population, job-creation and economy,” Bill Meadows added.

“Economic growth is good for our families and communities, but growth also strains our roads and other critical infrastructure. Our state’s continued growth is expected to result in an additional 18 million additional vehicles on Texas roads by 2040. Without additional transportation funding, traffic and safely will grow worse, and our economy will suffer,” Henry Munoz said.


The Transportation Advocates of Texas (TAoT) will work to coordinate efforts with all its member organizations and others to help see that the message gets through to voters.


Transportation Advocates of Texas Board Chair Brandon Janes said it is important that supporters are successful in getting voters to signal strong support for the amendment. That will be a powerful statement to the 2015 Legislature that the voters agree that we need additional resources to pay for additional transportation infrastructure, he said, in addressing the board of directors of the Alliance for I-69 Texas..